Corporate fleet

Key Benefits

Optimize the management of your fleet with a fully digital solution



Increase your car-sharing activity


Improve the efficiency of your fleet management


Provide a new car-sharing experience


Enhance your user   experience

Promote car sharing for responsible business trips that contribute to your corporate social responsibility commitments and 2018 mobility plan Reduce total cost of operations by monitoring usage rate and follow consumption and maintenance in real-time Deliver an exclusively digital experience to your employees—from registration to check-out with eco-driving, maintenance and geofencing Offer private night-time and weekend use of a car during via a 24/7 hotline  

Client success story

SHAREcar delivers a customizable and end-to-end solution for Parcours



As a French leader in professional mobility solutions, Parcours has always adapted to high expectations from its customers, delivering a flexible digital experience and panel of new services.



Our white label car sharing solution enables Parcours to address corporate clients that want to enrich their mobility policy and employee car-renting journey.



Our customizable, end-to-end solution enables Parcours’ customers to rent shared cars, access vehicles, check in and manage their bookings on their smartphones. It radically improves the day-to-day operations of fleet managers, eliminating reliance on key management and delivering remote vehicle actions, real-time alerts and private use options


We are constantly upgrading SHAREcar to stay ahead of our leasers’ business needs!