A complete set of hardware, web portals and mobile apps that can successfully launch your car-sharing business from scratch

 icon-mobile-phone  A mobile app to book and access your car without network connection (Bluetooth communication with the car)
 icon-laptop  A web portal to manage your fleet (vehicles under maintenance, support, website management) and your users (booking schedule, user data)
Installation and uninstallation of in-car equipment (compatible with 95% of vehicles)
 icon-wrench  Technical and operational support to advice and facilitate the transformation of your management tool



Carsharing is caring!




Customizable to your needs


End-to-end solution


White labelling


Highly secured

Physical key access check

Business booking rules

Available in several languages

Legal information

Seamless service integration

Easy hardware installation

Level 2 support

Looks, feels and colors for

mobile app

Company logo

A highly secured platform

Considerate of your personal data

Compliant with all GDPR requirements



All Mov’InBlue features are accessible and integrable with your existing IT system, to upgrade your services




Integration support


Digital toolbox


API web portal


Your own app

Guidance and support to integrate our solution
On-site installation of in-car equipment
Send vehicle commands (lock/unlock, immobilize)
Collect vehicle data and geolocate (from TCU or car system)
Access to our services platform through the API
Technical kits to develop and personalize your very own solution
Blog and forum
SDK for iOS & Android
Online documentation